Thermo-modernization of the Zespół Szkół Sportowych i Ogólnokształcących ul. Subisława 22 in Gdansk (the Secondary Sports School Complex )
Dodane przez drmg dnia 16 październik 2015

The project financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

Under the second stage of the implementation of thermo-modernization programme of Gdansk educational institutions the Dyrekcja Rozbudowy Miasta Gdańska, according to the granted funding from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (operational programme under the Financial Mechanism of European Economic Area), carried out the thermo-modernisation works of 5 educational institutions in this the Zespół Szkół Sportowych i Ogólnokształcących ul. Subisława 22 in Gdansk.

The scope of works under the contract covered the following activities:

- external wall insulation;
- insulation of the foundation walls;
- insulation of the flat roof;
- replacement of windows and doors;
- modernisation of the central heating;
- mechanical ventilation of the gym.

Under the contract there were also executed the following works related to:

- water treatment technology in the school swimming pool;
- ramps for the disabled;
- other construction works, the band around the building, window bars;
- installation of the water and sewage;
- lightning protection and monitoring;
- installation of heating gutters;
- repair of sauna.

The Contractor: PPHU MARBUD from Gdynia
(Production, Trade and Services Company MARBUD, Gdynia)
The realisation period: from 14 April 2015 to 30 March 2016
The cost of works: 8.4 million PLN

View after completion of the investment

Photos before the project commencement

Photos of removing from building work